Torchlight Projects
Susan has a way of meeting kids where they are, which has helped our son gradually grow his piano skills from a young age and, more importantly, develop an appreciation for the process of learning. A patient, kind, and honest teacher, Susan knows when to nudge our son over a hump and when to step back and allow him to find his inner drive and his own way through a challenge. Piano with Miss Susan is the only after-school activity that our son hasn’t gotten tired of, which is a testament to Susan’s ability to develop great relationships with her students. She’s equally adept at building a partnership with adults, and as working parents, we have appreciated Susan’s flexibility and direct communication.
  Pamela and Brad B
It has been a pleasure to have worked with Susan as my instructor in a group setting over many years. She has demonstrated thoughtful preparation, patience and support of a safe space for learning. Her attentiveness to each individual’s needs coupled with a systematic method and heartfelt approach make Susan a wonderful teacher.
  Pam G
Susan McCaffery has been an associate of mine for almost 20 years. During this time, she has impeccably handled every task I’ve asked of her, and has been an invaluable help to my organization. I would recommend her for any educational work and support fully her tutoring services.
  Lari Mangum
  Owner and operator
  Azoth Enterprises, Inc.
  School Annex
I have been a student in Susan's classes for over 10 years. There were anywhere from 5 to 20 students. She has an uncanny ability to pay attention to each and every student and adapt the lesson to wherever the class is at. She imparts a real desire in the students to do well, and to succeed.
  Mike Samuels
  Diamond Software Services, 720.255.8568